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This is a pompadour.

Edged in parts are my weakness 😍

I absolutely love getting men’s cuts at work.

Edged parts are the best!!!

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On what it was like shooting the purple wedding: ”All of us girls are sitting there, because it’s so hot in Dubrovnik in Croatia in the summer. So we’re all sitting with our skirts up around our necks, you know, playing scrabble. It’s very glamorous” — Natalie Dormer on Late Night with Seth Meyers (x)

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Howling at unimpressed me and my brother look are at Northumberlandia. We loved it, it was a great day out. Also hate my small genes and the fact my brother is nearly as tall as me. Damn it.
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I often romanticize about these types of train rides.
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Finaly, my first animated animal. It tastes like more!
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x Glory and Gore x

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